Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Killeen Pharmacy?

Killeen Pharmacy is a family-owned and operated pharmacy committed to making medication affordable again, especially for people who have little to no health insurance.

2. How are you able to provide substantially lower costs for the same product?

Since we don't deal with insurance companies, we are not obligated to stock a certain amount of name-brnad medications, which are really expensive and increase overhead. And unlike all the pharmacies who do work with them, insurance companies don't have a say in how much we charge for these medications. So we can provide the same medications at a fair price and still make a reasonable profit.

3. What insurances do you accept?

We Accept TRICARE, MEDICAID, CHIP, BCBS of Texas, Humana, Scott & White, Express Scripts, and many other plans.

4. How do I transfer my prescription to Killeen Pharmacy?

All we need is your information and your pharmacy's information. We do the rest.

5. Do you share my information with anyone?

We don't sell or "rent" any information or share anything with 3rd party establishments. Your information stays with us.

6. What if I have insurance?

We don't discriminate against the insured. No matter what kind of insurance you have, you're welcome to get your medication from us. In many cases, it will be cheaper than your regular co-pay, and since we don't have insurance companies slowing us down with all that red tape, you'll get your medications faster and that puts the emphasis back on making sure all your questions are answered - so you fully understand all your doctor's instructions.

7. How can I help Killeen Pharmacy recycle?

A lot of packaging is used to distribute small pills and other forms of medications. You can help us recycle by bringing all your empty prescription bottles to us, even if they are from other pharmacies. We recycle all lids, stock and Rx bottles, packaging, and paper that we use throughout the day. We also shred and recycle anything with personal information.

8. What forms of payments do you accept?

We take MasterCard, Visa, and cash. Sorry we do not accept American Express, Discover, or personal checks.